Virtual and Hybrid Events

“Technology is best when it brings people together.”
Matt Mullenweg, Social Media Entrepreneur.

New generations and trends shape meetings and events industry of today. More and more event professionals see the need to adapt to millennial and Gen Z audiences who want to engage with events rather than merely be spectators.

Modern technology helps us engage with them in new exciting ways! BTG Interactive is an innovative toolbox of interactive technologies, digital, mobile and web platforms to be used all together or independently during a physical event or in a completely virtual setting.

We see an additional increase in demand for web events lately as a response to the global pandemic and restrictions on travel and public gatherings. Our solution lets you move your event online or build a completely new one from scratch. Bring people together no matter the distance or situations beyond your control!

We provide

  • Fully virtual events, conferences, congresses and summits
  • Virtual exhibitor halls
  • Real-time web-support
  • Custom event websites and apps
  • Attendee registration modules
  • Entry badge generation
  • Live Q&A sessions, polls and chats
  • Live Streaming Software
  • Session recording
  • Social media wall
  • And other solutions

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