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Special interest tours

We enjoy planning custom special interest tours for our clients. As one of the leading incoming tour operators in the Baltics area with average 150 000 overnights per year, we have significant buying power which assures us of getting the best prices and conditions for our clients. We will find the best option for your group, carefully taking into consideration your group’s needs and professionally selecting accommodation which will meet your client’s expectations. We work with professional, experienced and qualified guides, many of whom hold a degree in arts, culture, foreign languages. Transportation we offer is well maintained and have all necessary safety equipment and documentation as well as regular check-ups made which are requested by local laws. A wide choice of restaurants will satisfy the most sophisticated taste and our rich cultural heritage will surprise each and every traveller to the Baltic Countries.

The Baltic countries are rich in culture, arts, music and architecture. Baltic Travel Group creates programmes which help to discover the best what Baltic’s have to offer. We want your groups to have memorable experience of our culture, arts, music and architecture. We create itineraries which include opera, ballet, music festivals and famous architecture sights. Our tours are accompanied by the expert guides who know the best way to present local culture and are specialised in arts, music and architecture. For Opera and Ballet lovers, Music Festival groups, Jazz music lovers we create special programmes which may include famous opera performance with opera back-stage tour or build a programme around annual music event like Song and Dance festival or Jazz festival.

Baltic Travel Group is experts in organizing all sorts of active travel and adventure tours. We create programmes for fun and activity time in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We offer itineraries in the Baltic’s with various activities like cycling, canoeing and high rope climbing. If you would like to play golf in Tallinn, Riga or Vilnius we would suggest and book the best golf course as well as we will be happy to provide airport transfers, sightseeing excursions, restaurant bookings and complement the tour with entertainment programme. If you would consider coming with the your team and looking for the chance to play football, basketball, volleyball, ice-hockey or rugby we would be glad to offer a full programme and find local opposition, arrange stadium, referee and organize transportation, guide/ interpreter and provide with refreshments and catering.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania being located on the geographical and historical crossroads nowadays have heritage for almost all biggest Christian denominations – Lutheran, Orthodox and Catholic. Although it was forbidden to practice any religious beliefs during Soviet Times and believers were under harsh persecutions most of the churches were preserved and nowadays are completely renovated. Baltic Travel Group offers itineraries to disclose past struggle of Christians and insight of nowadays Christianity in the Baltic countries. Apart from Christianity it is common to visit Jewish Heritage in the Baltic area. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, with the largest Jewish settlement used to be named little Jerusalem. We work closely with organizations to offer you meetings with local religious authorities.