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Diverse Session Formats

Panel discussions, keynote addresses, and roundtable discussions, catering to different learning styles

Thoughtful Amenities

Conference materials, welcome kits, and refreshments to ensure attendees' comfort and convenience

Cultural and Social Activities

Social events, and guided tours that allow attendees to experience the host city's attractions

Networking Opportunities

Facilitate meaningful connections among attendees)

Venue Sourcing and Booking

Identifying suitable venues and negotiating contracts for the conference.

Accommodation Arrangements

Securing accommodations for attendees, including room blocks and rates.

Logistics Management

Coordinating registration, badge printing, and attendee communication.

Audiovisual Services

Providing AV equipment, setup, and technical support for presentations.

Catering and F&B

Organizing catering services, coffee breaks, and meals for conference participants.

Event Design and Decor

Creating a visually appealing and engaging conference atmosphere.

Technology Solutions

Incorporating event apps, registration platforms, and virtual options.

Keynote Speakers and Presenters

Arranging and managing speakers, panelists, and workshop leaders.

Entertainment and Networking Events

Planning networking sessions, social events, and entertainment.

On-Site Management

Overseeing event execution, managing logistics, and addressing issues.

Signage and Branding

Designing and placing event signage and branding materials.

Translation and Interpretation

Providing language translation and interpretation services.

Participant Engagement

Organizing interactive sessions, workshops, and engagement activities.

Transportation Services

Coordinating transportation to and from the conference venue.

Budget Management

Planning and tracking the conference budget to optimize resources.

Sponsorship and Exhibitor Coordination

Attracting sponsors and managing exhibitors' needs.

Post-Conference Evaluation

Gathering feedback and assessing the success of the conference.

Convene 2020

The annual trade show organised hosted by Baltic Travel Group, featured an impressive mix of 140 Hosted Buyers from more than 30 countries.

CONVENE gathered over 80 exhibitors, 160 international hosted buyers with about 1000 participants attending the show. Regional suppliers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Scandinavia – supported by guest-exhibitors from Georgia, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine – were showing-off the fact that the entire region is highly tech-savvy.


Attendees had the opportunity to participate in 11 panel sessions, workshops, and interactive discussions covering a wide array of topics, ranging from emerging trends in business to innovative strategies for sustainable growth.

The event was marked by a series of engaging activities that fostered collaboration, knowledge exchange, and networking.




Vilnius, with its rich history and vibrant culture, served as a compelling backdrop for Convene 2020. Participants had the chance to explore the city through organized city tours, immersing themselves in the charm of Vilnius while building relationships in a relaxed and informal setting.

The evenings were marked by social events, including a gala dinner that featured local cuisine, live entertainment, and a celebration of the diverse perspectives that converged at Convene 2020.

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