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The key words of today’s business travel management are fast, effective and reliable. In cooperation with global airline ticket reservation system Amadeus, we offer to our clients to use modern and functional online booking systems and travel management platforms.

Instant Price Comparisons

Compare prices, options, and availability across various airlines, hotels, and transportation services

Real-Time Itinerary Updates

Ensuring you stay informed while on the go

Mobile Accessibility

Booking details, itineraries, and travel information conveniently through a mobile app

Secure Payment Options

Ensuring the financial information is protected during the booking process

Cytric - Business Travel Planning


Your go-to solution for efficient business travel planning.


Elevate your business travel planning experience with Cytric, your ultimate solution for streamlined and efficient corporate travel management. Designed to cater to the dynamic needs of modern businesses, Cytric is your trusted companion in orchestrating seamless journeys for your team.

Business Travel - cytric-easy-effortlessly-book-and-manage

Cytric easy

Effortlessly book and manage your journeys using our accessible tool.


In a fast-paced business landscape, Cytric empowers you to take control of your travel planning. Seamlessly blending innovation and simplicity, it’s the tool that propels your business forward, one well-planned journey at a time. Discover the future of business travel with Cytric – your partner in efficiency, convenience, and success.



Corporate Self Booking Tool designed for efficiency.


Introducing our cutting-edge Corporate Self Booking Tool – meticulously crafted for efficiency, tailored to modern businesses. Streamline your travel management process like never before, as this innovative solution empowers your team to take control of their journeys with ease and precision.

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In a world where efficiency reigns supreme, these tools will be your superpower.

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