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Sustainable Events

Introducing our Sustainable Events service, where we craft eco-friendly gatherings that make a positive impact. From mindful planning to eco-conscious choices, let us create events that prioritize the planet while celebrating your special occasions.

Sustainability Impact Metrics

Showcasing the positive environmental impact achieved through the event's sustainable practices

Eco-Tours and Experiences

Showcase the destination's natural beauty, highlighting the importance of conservation

Sustainable Networking Opportunities

Networking sessions that bring together individuals and organizations dedicated to sustainability

Carbon Offset Opportunities

Voluntary carbon offset programs tied to the event's carbon emissions

Eco-Friendly Venue Selection

Recommending venues that align with sustainability principles and practices.

Sustainable Catering

Sourcing local, organic, and ethically sourced food options for the event.

Waste Reduction

Implementing waste reduction strategies, including composting and recycling.

Green Decor

Incorporating eco-friendly and reusable décor materials for event design.

Carbon Footprint Mitigation

Offering options for carbon offset programs or sustainable transportation choices.

Eco-Conscious Transportation

Arranging eco-friendly transportation options for attendees.

Paperless Solutions

Utilizing digital invitations, apps, and online registration to reduce paper waste.

Energy Efficiency

Implementing energy-saving measures and using renewable energy sources.

Sustainable gifts

Providing environmentally friendly gifts and promotional items for attendees.

Water Conservation

Implementing water-saving measures and promoting responsible water usage.

Plastic Reduction

Minimizing single-use plastics and promoting reusable alternatives.

Eco-Friendly Activities

Planning activities that connect attendees with nature and promote sustainability.

Education and Awareness

Incorporating sustainability messaging and educational components.

Post-Event Evaluation

Analyzing the event's sustainability performance and identifying areas for improvement.

Green thinking and sustainability event (Tallinn, 2022)

The Three R’s: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”


During the panel discussion the following main issues were addressed:


– The pressing challenges that SMBs–especially those in the food and hospitality sectors–face in the journey to carbon reduction
– Meta’s commitment to supporting local businesses in their green transition
– Key figures from the field of sustainable development

Meetings and Events - Sustainable events

Venue of the event - Hektor Container Hotel

Environmental sustainability and eco-conscious mindset is important to the hotel. They made many environmentally friendly choices at Hektor and pushed the limits of hospitality to not only do the most obvious but to also find solutions to those footprints that seem inevitable at the hotel. They reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible.

Important factors in choosing places:
Green certified is a big plus as is venues that are owned by local business, local community etc – eg no marriott. Big brands
Locally sourced food with no meat on menus
Sustainable use of materials – recycling and recycled goods eg no single use plastic etc

Sustainable events - seed paper

For badges and reservation labels we used – Seed paper!

Seed paper is made by hand in workshop located in Tallinn’s Old Town. They recycle paper, add seeds to the paper pulp, then form paper sheets one by one, before carefully drying them and preparing them for print.


Wherever their final destination may be, they can be planted in a pot or garden and soon afterwards can watch them grow!
The names of the people were written by hand by a local calligrapher. Lanyards are recycled.

Reboard Sustainable Events

Direction signs and information boards - The material we used called Re-board

Re-board can be printed on directly, allowing for unique looking high-quality solutions. Re-board is lightweight and easily installed, making it easy to transport, setup andstore.  You also don’t need to worry about its ecological footprint as Re-board is comprised almost completely of timber industry´s waste and scrap an is 100% recyclable.

Sustainable Events Guide To Green

Other sustainable practices

In addition:

-Instead of printing menus, we used tablets (to avoid excessive printing).
-The event was paperless: program / information only on the screen,
-No plastic was used (jug water only)
-Only local ingredients were used in the catering
-Only live plants when decorating the room (no artificial decorations are used)

Paper Sustainable Events

The event was very interesting and informative!

The event’s organization and execution were seamless, with each session thoughtfully planned to address different facets of the green movement. The speakers’ expertise and passion were evident, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm that was contagious.


Attendees left with not only a wealth of new information but also a renewed motivation to make a positive impact on the environment.

Sustainable Events Call To Action

Would you like to take part in an engaging event about sustainability?

The sustainability events emphasize on networking and collaboration, they allow like-minded individuals to connect, fostering potential partnerships and initiatives that could amplify the impact of sustainable practices.

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