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Crafting a remarkable one-week incentive group expedition for a team of nine in September 2023, our journey through Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia harmoniously combined cultural immersion and team bonding for an unforgettable experience.





City tours, tastings, boat trips, music performances, gala dinner with entertainment


Toyota incentive to the Baltics

Starting off: Vilnius

Embarking on an unforgettable journey through the Baltic gems, our one-week incentive group of nine participants experienced an itinerary that seamlessly blended cultural discovery, gastronomic delights, and team-building activities.

In Vilnius, our adventure kicked off with a captivating city tour, where the historic charm unfolded before our eyes, followed by a delightful cheese tasting that tantalized our palates.

Day 2: Trakai

As we moved to Trakai, the medieval island castle and a boat tour on Lake Galve provided a charming interlude, complemented by the tasting of kybyn, a traditional Karaim pastry that delighted our taste buds.

Day 3: Vilnius – Hill of Crosses – Rundale

A poignant visit to the Hill of Crosses, an iconic pilgrimage site, added a spiritual dimension to our journey, creating a moment for reflection and connection. Theatrical allure awaited us at Rundale Castle, a Baroque masterpiece in Latvia, where a guided tour brought history to life, immersing us in the opulence and drama of a bygone era.

Day 4: Riga

Riga, Latvia’s enchanting capital, beckoned with a city tour that unraveled its architectural gems and cultural heritage. The tasting of Black Balsam, a traditional herbal liqueur, added a touch of local authenticity to our exploration. A leisurely boat trip along the Riga canal provided a serene perspective of the city’s beauty, allowing us to appreciate its unique blend of medieval charm and modern vitality.

Day 5-6: Sigulda – Tallinn

The medieval ambiance continued at Turaida Castle, where a visit and hands-on coin forging experience transported us back in time. Tallinn, Estonia’s medieval gem, greeted us with a city tour that showcased its well-preserved Old Town, blending history and modernity seamlessly. The opulence of Kadriorg Palace unfolded during a private piano concert, creating a harmonious fusion of classical music and historical grandeur.


Gala dinner: NOA restaurant

The pinnacle of our Baltic journey reached its crescendo at Noa restaurant in Tallinn, where a gala dinner awaited us. Against the backdrop of the Baltic Sea, the evening featured an enchanting performance by a folk group and a music band, turning our dinner into a sensory extravaganza. Culinary delights, captivating melodies, and the camaraderie of our group combined to create an atmosphere of celebration and shared joy.

As the week concluded, the echoes of laughter, the aroma of unique flavors, and the resonance of cultural encounters lingered, leaving an indelible imprint on each participant. Our Baltic expedition had not just been a journey; it had been a collective exploration that transcended expectations, fostering lasting connections and cherished memories among our group.