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Group adventure in Latvia - Case study

Group adventure in Latvia - Case study

Group adventure in Latvia - Case study 2

Group adventure in Latvia - Case study 2

Group adventure in Latvia - Case study 3

Group adventure in Latvia - Case study 3

Group adventure in Latvia - Case study 4

Group adventure in Latvia - Case study 4

In January 2023, a dynamic and vibrant incentive program group embarked on an extraordinary journey to Riga, the capital city of Latvia.





Offroad jeep, curling, dining, bob track, excursions


Discovering Riga and Latvia:
Sports. Nature. Cuisine.

Off the beaten path

Comprising 60 individuals, each driven by a spirit of adventure and a thirst for unique experiences, this group came together for an unforgettable winter escapade that perfectly blended exhilarating activities, cultural immersion, and sustainable exploration.

Kicking off their adventure, the group embraced the wintry landscape with a thrilling jeep off-road expedition. Navigating through snow-covered trails and icy terrains, they bonded over the shared excitement of conquering challenges and witnessing the breathtaking beauty of Latvia’s countryside. This heart-pounding activity set the tone for the journey ahead.

Discovering Latvia and Riga - offroad

Fine dining: discovering Latvian cuisine

Continuing the cultural odyssey, the group indulged in a Balsam tasting experience. Immersed in the heritage of Latvia’s traditional herbal liqueur, they savored the intricate flavors and learned about its historical significance. This unique tasting session not only warmed their spirits but also provided insights into the local culture, fostering a deeper connection to the destination.

Latvian Cuisine Discovery

Plenty of fun to be had

Adding a twist of Olympic-inspired excitement, the group then channeled their competitive energy into a bobsleigh activity. What made this experience even more memorable was the strategically placed drink truck adorned with the group’s branding, allowing participants to celebrate their achievements with a toast while still reveling in the thrill of the moment.

Bob Track Adventure Latvia

On top of the world: Skyline Bar

The sophistication of the journey continued as the group enjoyed an exclusive private reservation at the renowned Skyline bar. Situated atop one of Riga’s iconic skyscrapers, this venue provided panoramic views of the city’s winter-clad skyline. Against this stunning backdrop, participants mingled, shared stories, and forged lasting connections in an ambiance that exuded exclusivity and charm.

Skyline Bar Discover Roga

Staying active with a curling challenge

The itinerary also featured the unique and traditional sport of curling, where participants showcased their skills and teamwork on the ice. This activity added a layer of friendly competition and laughter to the trip, highlighting the group’s ability to come together not only in adventure but also in play.

Keeping it green: visit to a recycling plant

In line with the group’s commitment to sustainability, they ventured beyond the city limits to explore a forward-thinking sustainable recycle farm. Here, they gained insights into innovative recycling practices and learned about the farm’s contribution to environmental preservation. This experience left an indelible mark on the group, inspiring them to champion sustainable practices within their own spheres of influence.

A journey that has left many impressions

In summary, the incentive program group that visited Riga in January 2023 embarked on an extraordinary journey that encapsulated adventure, culture, and sustainability. From heart-pounding off-road escapades to savoring local flavors, from exclusive heights at Skyline bar to engaging in traditional sports, and from exploring the city’s delights to connecting with sustainable initiatives, this group left Riga with a treasure trove of memories, new friendships, and a shared commitment to embracing the world with open arms and responsible hearts.

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