Baltic States

The Baltic States (also known as the Baltics, Baltic nations or Baltic countries) are three North European countries in the East of the Baltic Sea – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn – the respective capitals of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – treasure a prime Baltic Sea location.

The Baltic States have a lot to offer- from unspoiled nature to vibrant cities. The vast diversity of landscape, population and culture makes the Baltic States a good fit for groups and individual travelers. Whether you are looking for holidays or short breaks, walking or cycling tours – Baltic States will impress you. We invite you to explore the Baltics not only as a leisure destination, but also find it as a great way where to hold your business meetings, incentives or conferences. We are located in economically favorable place – we can offer any high class service for reasonable price.

Baltic States have perfect geographical location, which will help to combine unforgettable trip for you. We will help you to plan your trip to Baltic States in combination with Scandinavia, Poland, Belarus and Russia.

Get to know Baltic States better and let us know how we can where to hold your business meetings and nearby countries.