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Meetings and events in Riga – Your guide

Are you looking to hold your event in a new yet exciting place? While Riga may not be on your “meetings and events destination radar” yet, it is increasingly being discovered and appreciated by international companies and organisations. We’re proud to have organised European Paediatric Ophthalmological Society congress, Neurology conference, over 200 events for Latvian Presidency in the EU as well as hundreds of team building events, incentive trips and other projects.
We know Riga like the back of our hands, so here are seven reasons why it’s a perfect destination for your next occasion.

7 reasons why you should hold your meetings and events in Riga

  • Cost-effective

Although being a European country, Riga is still a fairly inexpensive option when it comes to event planning. Lunch for 5 EUR? Not a problem! This is a place where you can afford a five-star hotel without spending fortunes yet receive an impeccable Scandinavian-quality service.

  • Perfect geographic location

Conveniently located in the middle of Europe, Latvia is easily reachable from any other point in Europe. Getting here is especially easy with our national airline airBaltic connecting Riga with more than 60 destinations. The longest direct European flight Lisbon-Riga only lasts 4h 45min, while most flights from Central Europe, Scandinavia or the UK only take a couple of hours.

  • Digitally advanced

Latvia can boast one of the lowest-priced fast-speed internets not only in Europe but on a global scale. We have the internet basically everywhere. If more than 4300 free Wi-Fi access points are not enough for you, connect to our high-speed mobile internet or rent a hotspot to bring with you wherever you go.

  • Innovative technologies

Latvian technology sector has been developing fast in recent years. With hundreds of start-ups driven by young and enthusiastic minds, Riga became home to plenty of innovative solutions that can enhance your event experience. Have you heard of Infogram, one of the most popular platforms to create infographics? How about Catchbox, the world’s first throwable microphone that makes interaction with the audience more efficient and fun? Take advantage of our augmented reality solutions, question-answer and event navigation tools as well as self-service touchless event registration technologies that are extremely important in the times of a global pandemic.

  • Easy city navigation

When having meetings and events in Riga, you’ll have everything within reach. The airport is just a short ride away from the city. You can have a daytime conference in one of the local venues, a private tour with Latvian delicacy tasting in the medieval Old Town, and an evening party on the seaside in Jurmala just 25 km away from the city. All in one day! Get from point A to B comfortably with a wide choice of transport services – from public to taxi, car and scooter sharing services or order a private transport with Baltic Travel Group.

  • A wide choice of venues

Riga can offer you a venue for every occasion – whether it is a small meeting, corporate party, sports event or a large conference. From picturesque settings near castle ruins and splendid halls of the House of Blackheads to minimalist meeting rooms and contemporary restaurants. A couple of unique places have opened in the Latvian capital just recently – a multimedia art-hall Digital Art House where you can host unique immersive events as well as the largest conference centre in the Baltics – Atta Centre.

  • One-of-a-kind entertainment experiences

Make your event stand out! Unique experiences are the most memorable, and here you’ll find some like nowhere else. We’ve personally created some exclusive tailor-made solutions for our clients (e.g. laser music show or 3D dining experience). Not to mention additional activities you can enjoy while in Latvia – a tour around a secret Soviet bunker, a breathtakingly fast bobsleigh ride, an extreme escape from a real prison and other historical, cultural, nature or active experiences.

In fact, there are many more reasons for bringing your event here, and we’ll be happy to tell you more. Learn more about our event planning services or contact us and let’s make something unforgettable together… in Riga!