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Baltic Tourism is Recovering

It’s the end of July and we are happy to see tourism recovering! We already welcomed our first group from Switzerland as well as individual travellers from the Netherlands, France, Belgium and other European countries. We very much hope that more international and cross-continental tourists will be able to enjoy hassle-free Baltic travel soon again.

We are working on requests for both this and the next year. Take a look at our Guaranteed Baltic Tours 2021 programme for the French-speaking market. Feel free to request a similar program or a completely different itinerary to match your clients’ needs and interests.

Guaranteed Baltic Tours 2021


What’s new in the Baltics?

terbatas-summer-street vilnius-beach
Tērbatas Summer Street, Riga
From July 17th for a whole month one of the central Riga’s streets was closed to traffic and transformed into a summer oasis – an area to spend quality time outdoors. It quickly became a hip new place to stroll, shop for books, arts and crafts, try local delicacies, take original pictures, enjoy drinks or have a picnic at one of the multiple free tables.
Beach Vibes in Vilnius
The closest seashore in 3 h from the city? “Not a problem!”, said the mayor of Vilnius and turned the largest city square into a pop-up beach. This summer the people of Vilnius enjoy beach life to the fullest – with white sand, sunbathing, beach volleyball and fun evening programmes. During the day TV screens at the beach broadcast the waves and relaxing sounds of the Baltic Sea.
port-noblessner ranka-manor
Port Noblessner, Tallinn
Your usual Tallinn tourist experience goes far beyond the Old Town nowadays. The former submarine shipyard Noblessner is the fastest developing, and thus the most interesting area in Tallinn today. A perfect place to have a walk, enjoy bold and distinctive architecture, pop into the many new cosy shops and cafes or have a sophisticated dinner at the 180 Degrees Restaurant.
Ranka Manor, Gulbene
The manor house was built in the middle of the 17th century in accordance with the then prevailing classicism style. Unfortunately, the fires in 1986 and 1990 destroyed it. A huge effort has been invested in the renovation of the complex in recent years, and now we can all enjoy the fruits of this labour – the manor house, its flowering gardens, ornate chapel and luxurious hotel rooms now welcome guests in all their splendor.


Health & Safety Updates

Baltic countries are maintaining their positions in the top safest European travel destinations so far. Our hotels, bars, restaurants and museums have opened up and are ready to give you a warm welcome. Keeping physical distance, careful washing of hands and using hand disinfectants is advised.
As to the travel restrictions, no self-isolation upon arrival to the Baltic States is required, unless the country from where the people are travelling or crossing in transit has a coronavirus infection rate above 16 for Latvia and Estonia and 25 for Lithuania. The lists of countries get updated weekly.


Joke of the month


When Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians were told to keep a 2m distance, they couldn’t understand why to come so close.