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Estonia is a North-European country located along the south-eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Its capital, Tallinn, lies about 80 km south of Helsinki across the Gulf of Finland. Estonia is the smallest of the Baltic states – slightly larger than Switzerland or Denmark. It borders Russia in the east, with St.Petersburg just across the north-eastern border and Latvia in the south.
The population of Estonia is a bit over a million, the majority of the population are Estonians and Russians. Approximately a third of the inhabitants live in Tallinn.
The area of Estonia is 45 227 sq. km, ca 350 km from east to west and 240 km from north to south. There are many islands and lakes. Seasons vary widely in Estonia, summers are warm and winters severe with lots of snow.
Estonia is very rich in forests - various kinds of forests cover almost half of Estonia's territory. Elk, wild boar, bear and lynx are amongst Estonia’s common large mammals. About 10 per cent of Estonia is a nature reserve.

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45,226 sq km
Capital City:
Euro EUR
Time Zone:
GMT / UTC +2
Estonian, Russian, English
Evangelical Lutheran,
Parliamentary republic
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