• 20 Aug 2014

    Foreign tourists value Tallinn highly as a travel destination

    On the first six months of 2014, more visitors stayed in Tallinn’s accommodation establishments than during the same time last year. Visitors were pleased with their stay and accommodation...

  • 20 Aug 2014

    Autumn Equinox - Festival of Fire Structures

    During every equinox of the autumn we celebrate Lygė feast which indicates the transfer from the warm time of the year to the cold time of the year. From the early days of our history at this time of ...

  • 19 Aug 2014

    Classic automobile parade ''Retro Jurmala''

    Each year at the end of August, Jurmala hosts a get-together for antique cars and a motorcade through the city. The event also features a car agility contest.Every August, the Latvian coastal resort...

  • 13 Aug 2014

    Loftas Fest 2014

    The only urban city festival “Loftas Fest” in the Baltic states is going to return after the summer marathon. We are going to meet in Vilnius on 4th to 6th September to talk about the moments of the...

  • 12 Aug 2014

    SEB Tartu Inline skating, 42/21 km

    The Tartu Inline Skating Marathon has become the biggest competition of its kind in Eastern Europe. The excellent course, leading competitors from Tartu city limits 21.1 km towards Narva and back...

  • 7 Aug 2014

    The Riga Restaurant Festival

    The opening of the “Riga Festival Restaurant” will take place on Saturday, August 16 in the Spikeri central yard, featuring Riga’s top 15 chefs preparing seasonal dishes in cooperation with Latvian...

  • 4 Aug 2014

    Traditional International Bicycles "Velomarathon 2014"

    On August 24th the city of Vilnius will host the cycling competition "Velomarathon" for the 5 year in a row. In 2010 acclaimed as the "The year sports event" in Lithuania, "Velomarathon"...

  • 30 Jul 2014

    Celebrate Riga in Riga City Festival 2014

    The Riga City Festival (15.-17.08.) is the main annual event in Rīga. It is a kaleidoscope of musical, artistic, theatrical and dance performances, sports events and attractions. The festival also...

  • 29 Jul 2014

    RE RE RIGA! - contemporary circus, street theater, world music

    RE RE RIGA! is the biggest international street art and world music festival in the Baltic area taking place annually in August since 2013. Festival’s program involves performances of various art...

  • 28 Jul 2014

    Dream Holi Festival 2014 - first colour festival in Estonia

    A festival of colours for the first time in Estonia on the 16th of August at the Tallinn Song Festival